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October, 2013
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October, 2013


Whose responsibility are child rights? Whose responsibility is it to stand up for children who face child labour, trafficking or other devastating situations? Perhaps everybody’s. We notice that some people work to ensure that there is no violation of the child rights; that no child anywhere has to lose his childhood and be forced into slavery or other adverse conditions.Those are the people that October 09 was all about at DLPS, when Arish Mudra Rakshas (Head Boy, XI), Sulagna Basu (XI) and Ayaan Mudra Rakshasa (X) organised a presentation for students of classes V to XII. The presentation was planned to give a brief introduction of all the three nominees of the World’s Children’s Prize for which Delfites would be casting their votes, so that they make informed decisions.

The nominees for the Prize this year are James Kofi Annan, Sompop Jantraka and Kimmie Weeks. James Kofi Annan has worked to liberate child slaves in the fishing communities. Sompop Jantraka worked against trafficking of children in the Sub-Mekong region. And Kimmie Weeks liberated thousands of child soldiers in rebel armies, Liberian army and even armies of other countries like Uganda. The presentation played a great role in allowing students to understand the nominees so that they use their right to vote justly and be better global citizens.
On October 10, students lined up to use their right to vote and make their choice. The enthusiasm was clearly visible in students right from Class V to class XII. Moreover, students enjoyed going through the process of voting.Dhairya Khera, a student of class X, flaunted the voter’s mark on his index finger and said, “it was a great experience!” Many other students had similar views.

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Ayaan Mudra Rakshasa
Literary Captain (Venus House)

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