International Video Conferencing Sessions

Engaging In Constructive Dialogues With Global Peers through Video Conferences

21st century global education has been an endeavor running at a significant pace at DLPS. In this context, Video-conferencing sessions have become an indispensible tool which capacitates our students to exercise their communication skills without the confinement of distance and nationalities.In the new session, the school has organized multiple Video-Conferencing sessions with students from various countries such as Pakistan, Scotland, Lebanon, UK, New York and more, where children have learnt to respect each other’s views while retaining their own stand. These video-conferencing sessions have helped the school open vast doors of overseas interactions, helping children understand each other’s community, faiths, beliefs, lifestyles and have facilitated a joint discussion towards solving some commonly felt global concerns.


Video Conference on 'Story Telling'

Video Conference between DLF Public School,Mahatma Montessori,Govt Girls HS, Pakistan Arraba Basic Girls, Palestine, September 14, 2015 on ‘Story Telling’

Video Conference on 'Festivals'

Video Conference between DLF Public School, DAV Public School, Ashok Vihar,Govt Girls HS, Pakiustan, and Science and Technology , Palestine, September 01, 2015, on ‘Festivals’

Video Conference on 'Human Rights'

Video Conference between DLF Public School, DAV Public School, Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura, August 19, 2015 on ‘Human Rights’

List of Video Conferencing so far….

Name of Facilitator Country Topic of Discussion Class Date
Mr. Howard Binkow India Manner Matters Class III A April 04, 2014
Face to face Common Word / Compassion for students
India Virtual Session on Careers in C.S
Face to face
  1. Krivoy Rog Specialized School #71,
  2. DLF Public School,
  3. NK Bagrodia Public School,
  4. IEC – IGCSE
UN Malaria Day IX B April 24, 2014
Face to face
  1. Meerut Public Girls’ School,
  2. DLF Public School,
  3. Delhi Public School Rohini
Materialism & Spirituality IX E April 28, 2014
Howard Binkoo Power of Giving IV – V July 10, 2014
Christopher Tozier Everyone has a story to tell IX July 11, 2014
Face to face
  1. Bal Bharati Public School Rohini,
  2. DLF Public School
  3. DAV Public School,
  4. Khera Khurd
Human Rights 12 – 14 years
Face to face
  1. DLF Public School
  2. Bal Bharati Public School Dwarka,
  3. Mahatma Montessori Matriculation Hr. Sec Sch. Baba Building,
  4. Cambridge School Indirapuram
Human Rights 15 + years (GCC Members)
Christopher Tozier GCC Members Aug.26, 2014
Face to face
  1. DLF Public School,
  2. Mount Abu Public School,
  3. Bal Bharati Public School Pitampura,
  4. Cambridge School Indirapuram
Fetsivals IX – XII Aug.27, 2014
  1. Dong Bang School, South Korea
  2. DLF Public School, India
GCC Members from Classes IV – V, VI – VIII

Archive 2013 – 2014


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