The Connecting Classrooms Project by The British Council

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The Connecting Classrooms Project by The British Council

The school is a member of the Connecting Classrooms programme of the British Council. Under this global programme, it has entered in three year long international partnership with the following six schools in Scotland, UK

  • Mearns Castle High School
  • Mearns Primary
  • Calderwood Lodge
  • Eaglesham Primary
  • Kirkhill Primary
  • Hazeldene Nursery

This partnership has brought an international dimension to students’ learning, improved their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and prepared them for life and work as global citizens.
Under the Programme, the school –

  1. Works with partner schools on collaborative curriculum projects , which enable students to interact across geographical boundaries to enhance their understanding of each other’s societies, languages and cultures.
  2. Receives professional development for teachers and school leaders , to build capacity to introduce and integrate international working in schools. Teachers and school leaders have, from time to time, received targeted training and support materials from the British Council to prepare them for working in an international context and helped them develop partnerships that achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.
  3. Has become part of a global online community that enables teachers to network with one another in a range of teacher forums, and offers guidance in the use of ICT tools that develop and sustain partnerships.
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