School Reading Programmes

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School Reading Programmes

School Reading programmes help young students create a foundation for life and develop those language skills necessary for success. A specific time and area of the school is reserved for cultivating the reading habit which enables the students to interpret and understand life in a better way. Picking book as – A friend for a month fosters a positive attitude towards reading and encourages students to participate in carefully structured activities. Since coaxing children to read can often be a challenge, the reading mentors at the school use every available resource at their disposal to motivate young readers with enthusiasm and skill.

e-Books Catch the Fancy of Booklovers

Driven with the passion to innovate and think out of the box, Delfites, this year, have enhanced their Library with the launch of a dedicated state-of-the-art e-book Centre that has made reading even more interesting and convenient for readers. Delfites can now go and enjoy those books not available in the Country, or aren’t in the Library yet. Delfites’ idea, excellently executed by the school!

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