School Counselor (We are There…We Care)

The school facilitates parents and children with THREE full time counselors. The children seek assistance to maximize the capacity of their own potential, to modify their behavior, to improve their adaptive skills and to improve the ability to regulate their environment.

Children come to seek help either of the following ways:

  • Themselves
  • On Teachers’ suggestions
  • On Parents’ Reference
  • Personal observation by the Counselor

The school counselors take up special case studies on reference made by Principal, teachers and parents. Children are provided help for their personal & emotional problems and also on improving their scholastic achievements. ‘Learners on the Way’ seek special attention by the teachers and the counselors and various remedial measures are undertaken to meet their special needs. If required, parents are suggested to take up a Test for identifying special learning disabilities so that relevant measures can be taken and special attention is rendered. Various workshops are organized for the students and parents time to time.

Senior children also avail counseling facilities whenever needed. Workshops on Stress Management, Peer Pressure and Careers are also organized to give them a clear understanding of their own and understand the requirements of the outer world.

The Counseling process could be stepped out as:

  • Screening of the children according to the Checklists Points
  • Identification of learning disabilities
  • Suggestive tests for identifying learning disability, if required
  • Orientation Programmes for the parents
  • Peer to Peer Programmes by the Adolescents
  • Different workshops on Stress Management, Peer Pressure and Careers
  • Remedial Classes for Learners on the Way
  • Every Saturday fixed for Parents Meetings

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