Report: Video Conferencing Session – Wealth, Poverty and Charity

Participating Schools:DLPS, Apeejay School Sheikh Sarai and St. Margaret Sr. Sec. Public School

Introduction: Being a part of something big, all of us were excited, nervous but ready to face it. After a lot of technical issues we managed to talk to them pretty well.

What we learnt: Being one of the three schools we got to know various views and opinions. Even our own ideology towards the topic was modified and enhanced. We come to know about how different sections of societies deal with daily lives, whether they are happy or not.

Summary: Overall the VC was fun and interesting. We dealt with various issues and problems happening around us. It was a pleasure for us being a part of the VC and we look forward to get these opportunities in the future.

Report by Delfite Parth (X A)
August 29, 2013

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