Let's Spread the Light – Diwali Presentation by Class I Lotus and Pansy
October, 2013
Video Conferencing – Faith, Values & Communities (Oct 23)
November, 2013

Report on Video Conference – Faith, Community, and Values

Asalamualikum, DLPS!!!

Walaikum Salam, Government Girls Pilot School!!!

The video conference on 23rd October, 2013 started off with a blast with the cheerful Mr. Sanjay as our text support and the charismatic Ms. Simmi Kher as our facilitator. We got a chance to interact with Bal Bharati School, Pitampura and Government Girls Pilot School, MIran (in Pakistan). The discussion revolved around three very basic and important elements of our life : Faith, Community, and Values. We got to know that Faith is a subtle yet strong force that binds people together. We also learnt about those conditions of life under which a person displays his/her faith, be it in the Almighty or in someone else. We also realised that values are like a mirror which reflect, in a true manner, your real worth and explain your innate nature. At this point the students got a chance to relate how do they use values in their daily life and who fosters such values in them. Next, the discussion moved towards the role of community in one’s personality development and the participants were questioned about one thing their community lacked and one thing they liked the most about their community. We were surprised by the fact that our Pakistani friends celebrated Hindu festivals and, likewise, they were also pleasantly surprised to know from us that even we celebrated Muslim festivals !! Ms. Simmi, much to our delight, gave as an opportunity to interact with each other about each other’s cultures. This video conference ended on a happy note and was truly an enriching experience for us. Through it, we came to know that though geographical and political boundaries separate us, we are still bound to one another by faith, share the same values and belong to the same community i.e. the GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

By: Pragya Kanth (X-A)


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