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July, 2013
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July, 2013

Report on CBSE Parent Advocacy Programme on CCE, July 20, 2013

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No. of Schools Present:                                                 47 Schools (Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida)No. of People Present:                                                  410 (Principals, Teachers and Parents)No. of Parent Advocates Created:                            31(Consents Received)
[/learn_more]The CBSE Parent Advocacy Programme on CCE organized in collaboration with CBSE and National Progressive School Conference (NPSC) at the DLPS, Sahibabad on July 20, 2013 was surely the opening of a new vista for schools and parents. The programme was headed by the CBSE Chairman, Mr. Vineet Joshi and Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Professor & Director(ART&I). Also on panel were the honorary members of National Progressive School Conference, Chairman, Mr. L.V Sehgal, Vice-Chairperson, Mrs. Ameeta Mulla Wattal and Secretary, Mrs. Chitra Nakra.

410 Principals, Parents and Teachers from 47 schools in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida engaged themselves enthusiastically at this Advocacy Programme along with Members of Sahodaya School Complex, Ghaziabad Chapter. Schools raised numerous queries to the CBSE Chairman, Mr. Joshi, which had been invited from the teachers and parents in their respective schools. Most of the queries fell under the ambit of the processes involved in the implementation of CCE and its philosophy and broadly pertained to the three modules of CCE i.e. ‘Problem Solving Assessment, Open Text Based Assessment, Board papers (IX and X) session 2012-13’. Mr. Joshi answered all the queries and engaged with the teacher and parent community in a direct interface.

During his candid interface, Mr. Joshi referred to the parents as the ‘eyes and ears of CBSE’ and urged the parents to not only progressively contribute towards CCE’s effective implementation and improvement in schools, but also to encourage more parents to step up to a more proactive role in their child’s education. He also invited the opinions and accepted the suggestions of the parents and schools concerning the queries and assured to consider them during future policy making.

CBSE Director, Dr. Sadhana Parashar introduced the new ventures of CCE (including CBSE-i) through a presentation. With the CCE initiative entering its fourth session successfully, she also apprised all the stakeholders with its latest updates as well as the fine tuning it has gone through lately.
Mr. L.V Sehgal, Chairman NPSC also shared the experiences of various member schools regarding their work done closely with CBSE as CCE Master Trainers & Resource Persons disseminating the concept of CCE across the country.

Dr. Rakesh Khullar, Chairman, DLPS offered a floral welcome to the esteemed panelists along with Dr. Mrignaini (Executive Director) and Mrs. Seema Jerath (Principal) DLPS. Mrs. Jerath also said in her welcome note that CCE has made self discovery possible. It’s giving each of the children equal opportunities, not to become equal, but to become different.

The remixed version of the CCE song was presented by the students of DLPS; a much appreciated event of the day indeed.

There was a high level of engagement of parents during the programme that made it extend over an hour and resulted in creating 31 parents as the Parent Advocates for CCE. Parents and teachers also visited the CBSE Gallery created at DLPS showcasing the latest publications, journals, and teacher support material created by CBSE. Each participating School was also presented with the latest CBSE Manual. The Student Advocates for CCE from DLPS acted as the facilitators for the guests and upgraded themselves and learnt firsthand on CCE during the process.


Mrs. Wattal, Vice-Chairperson NPSC presented the vote of thanks to the gathering.


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