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March, 2014
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March, 2014

Recognition Day Celebrates the Uniqueness of ‘Tiny Legends in the Making’

Recognition Day Celebrates the Uniqueness of ‘Tiny Legends in the Making’.

“Don’t add years to life, add life to years”, was the powerful message that the parents took home after the two day Annual Recognition Day of DLPS, Sahibabad. 850 little wonders from classes Pre-Nur to II staged the musical dance drama’ The Land of Cards’ an adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s play ‘Tasher Desh’, that impelled everyone to reflect upon the quality of life and the options that one has… everyday… every moment… to choose and create their life. The entire DLPS campus dressed as the pack of cards portraying the many paradoxes of life.Organized over a period of two days on March 14-15, Recognition Day 2014 had a privileged group of wonderful guests; Shri Telu Ram Kamboj, Mayor Ghaziabad District , Mr.Richard  Everitt, Director Education British Council, Ms. Alicia Padros, Head of Educational Services, Goethe institute, and actor Ms. Kamlesh Gill. While Dr. Mrignaini, the Executive Director of the school, shared the success stories of 2013, Principal Seema Jerath dwelled on the school’s efforts for enabling change within education and through it.

“Recognition Day marks the school’s belief that every child has in him/her the potential to become a legend, and, this Day, celebrates the uniqueness of these ‘legends in the making’ by acknowledging the unique qualities of every Delfite”, said Principal Seema Jerath in her address. The many achievers of the school were also felicitated.

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