Principal’s Desk 2012

principal_2012I wonder how many of you who are in our classrooms as Delfites and Delfite Educators as well as you, our patrons, have noticed the shift that’s taking place at DLPS- a shift where on one hand we are working towards adopting technology to keep pace with the rapidly changing times and on the other to continue to be the school with a soul, creating an emotionally intelligent climate in the school i.e. working towards both; a hi-tech head and a hi-touch heart. While widening our ties with countries across the world, we continue to work towards creating humane classrooms and at the same time engender ecological literacy. Opportunities abound in our child-centered space for peer educators, student mentors, school leaders and change agents. Our humanistic education reinforces that it takes everyone doing what they can to solve the problems of the world- from donating, to becoming a member of an organization, to personal choices, to playing a leadership role. In this entire course of creating enlightened, responsible, global citizens; our graph goes up academically as well. This reflects clearly in our CBSE results XII and X 2012 which are at an all time high this year. Congratulating DLPS Family for growing as a close knit community that believes in- dreaming morelearning more and … becoming more!

Seema Jerath


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