Principal’s Desk 2011

principal_2011We’re just about to wrap session 2010-11. It’s been one entire year of looking inwards to grow outwards; one year of CCE whereby each of us – parent, student, teacher & principal has evolved & strengthened as a consequence. We’re all more conscious of the multidimensional entity our child is, of the numerous attributes s/he possesses.
We realize our final goal – to create resilient, tolerant, adaptable human beings
committed, willing to learn, receptive & socially – emotionally intelligent.
January 2011 saw our school being granted membership to the NPSC (National Progressive Schools’ Conference) – a body of 150 leading private progressive schools across India as its members. The members of NPSC have, over the last 3 decades, been involved in a variety of path breaking initiatives & policy related issues.
It’s indeed a happy note to begin the New Year with!!
Over the year we have been celebrated, acknowledged and appluaded at various platforms. We continue our efforts so that our children of today can reap the benefits of tomorrow!

Seema Jerath

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