Newspaper Reading Time

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Newspaper Reading Time

The school is working towards making education relevant by providing experiences & opportunities wherein our learners could apply their knowledge & connect it to real world contexts. One way this is being achieved is through linking the newspapers to the curriculum and bringing the everyday world into the classroom.

The school has a dedicated newspaper reading time where all the students read their newspapers along with other class members and their Mother Teachers. Students from Class III onwards are provided newspapers during their Newspaper periods. The school has collaborated with different newspapers like – Primary Plus, Hindustan Times, The Times of India and Hindu. Students discuss the news daily with their Mother Teachers and during class discussion and the same is made a part of the curriculum through the specially designed ‘Curriculum Support Packages’. Newspapers are an important part of the G.K. Curriculum too.

There is also an online weekly quiz in the name of WNQ which is quite a craze in students. Based on every week’s news, a quiz is put online. The scores are archived throughout the year. The end winner is acknowledged and awarded with a grand prize on the School Annual Day.

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