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2012 has been a happening and fulfilling year as our recreated vision-mission became a living document. One quality objective of our vision mission was to create research minded youngsters who could find solutions to the world’s problems through research and development. To create these ‘thinking individuals’, one ‘Thinking Question’ every day is being pinned up outside each class, Students engage with and respond daily to this AQAD (as it is called Asset Question A Day). This year’s winner has been identified and will be awarded later this evening. The school is encouraging exploration, experimentation and research by celebrating Earth Month, Van Mahotsav and Science Month, for the last many years-entire months where our Delfites of classes IV-XII look around- identify the things that trouble them and that they want to change-problems that touch other lives-problems that can be solved in some manner by something they can do. It could be something as small as a solution for heavy bags to converting garbage dumps into playgrounds.

The exercise allowed these curious minds to connect what they learnt in the classrooms with what was happening in the outside world and find appropriate solutions to problems around. And today, as we step back and check- we realize that indeed “Scientific Temper has been inculcated”. Last year when the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) announced the CSIR National Innovation Awards opportunity for school students, there were 9 students or group of students who sent in entries. And I am proud to announce that the Innovative Air-conditioner made by Srishti Jain, Vatsal Sharma, Yash Bansal of class XII won 2nd prize of Rs. 50,000/- in January this year. Must also mention that no 1st prize was declared.

  1. At IRIS (Initiative for Research Innovation in Science)- India’s largest Science Fair Delfites Vyomika Bansal and Vaishnavi Rai won the Outstanding Silver Medal for their research in the ‘Plant Science’ category.
  2. Navya Gupta’s (X) model was selected for the Inspire Awards by the Department of Science and Technology (for the National Exhibition at Delhi). She had earlier received a grant of Rs. 5000/- for her project.

Hearty congratulations to all our young scientists in the making and to the entire Science Department.

Ms. Gargi Dutt Biswas, Co-ordinator of our Science Department has received a grant of GBP 3000 under the UKIERI (U.K. India Education Research Initiative) for a visit to Mearns Castle School, Scotland U. K. for undertaking the project- ‘ A smarter way to manage Solid Waste She will be visiting Scotland in June this year.

Most of our experimentation for sometime has been directed towards humanizing the classrooms and the teaching learning process be it rewarding positive behaviour of students through smilies whereby they earn Feel Proud cards for their parents; instilling Gratitude through the Goodwill piggy bank; adding fun to learning with games or bringing in a values component to every lesson that we plan.
This is one of the reasons we call ourselves a school with a soul-where its more important to be ‘good’ rather than just be ‘smart’; where the definition of Success is to be able to DO MORE for the world that it does for you.

The year gone by has seen us move closer to our societal objective of taking on the responsibility of the larger world around us. Our Delfites participated whole heartedly in the Face to Faith Foundation’s ‘Where’s the Net Anti Malaria Campaign.’ They made mosquito repellents in the school and distributed these and mosquito nets to slum dwellers and educated them and students of neighbouring Government schools on malaria prevention. Mr. Tony Blair , former Prime Minister acknowledged the school’s significant contribution to UN Millennium Development Goal of Zero Deaths by Malaria by 2015 through a personal letter to us.

The school’s engagement and significant role in the Multi Faith Global Movements as also to Universal Peace and Harmony has earned us the “OUTSTANDING SCHOOL AWARD” by Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation, ours being one of the few schools in India to have received the honour.
Walk down the corridors of our school and you can actually feel the ‘human side’, where we refer to our class teachers as Mother Teachers or name our Sections on Flowers and values as inspired by the CBSE’s ‘Education for Values’ program.

It gives me immense pleasure to share that our efforts at humanizing the school atmosphere and instilling sensitivity in our Delfites has resulted in laurels. At the National Test of Emotional Intelligence 2012, Sparsh Saxena (XII) and Aakash Jain (XI) have secured the 1st rank across India with a cash award of Rs. 25,000/- each. 6 other students of the school have procured an All India Rank below 40 and a cash award of Rs. 1000/- each.
Kudos my Emotionally Intelligent Delfites.

The Wishing Tree Campaign was also an experiment in ‘Humanizing the school environment’ wherein our Delfites and their parents realized that they have the power to reach out and touch someone’s life and make the world a better place.
As a part of the Students Social Responsibility class VIII students have adopted the Dholgiri Pathshala which includes 20 children of construction workers from Mohan Nagar. Each of these children as well as the children of Apney Foundation placed a wish on the Wishing Tree this Christmas. Our parents have fulfilled the small deSires and brought big joy to each of the children.
A loud applause to all those parents who are reinforcing in their children the important value of giving back to society. A priceless part of parenting indeed!

For many people academic brilliance is the foremost proof of excellence. To them our school has provided the perfect answer.
Once again our school was placed at 6
Rank across India for Academic Reputation by the C-Fore school survey conducted for Education World, Sept. 2012 issue. (Last year we were 7th)

Also our school is amongst the Top 45 Elite schools in Delhi and NCR as per the same survey. The class XII board results were at an all time high with 14 students out of 73 who appeared securing an aggregate of above 90%. 40 students scored more than 80%. Average Aggregate 79.6%. Overall we had a 100% pass as always.

The school toppers in both Science and Commerce streams did us proud. While Aishwarya topped the country with 100% in Economics. In class X, 20 students out of 162 who appeared scored the perfect score, a CGPA of 10!
A staggering 1/3 of those that appeared procured a CGPA of 9.2 and above. Overall the average mean CGPA was 8.4.
CBSE has awarded certificates of Merit to 25 Delfites who made it to the enviable top 0.1% slot of the highest scoring candidates.
Delfites Arushi Singh and Nikhita Sharma received the hightly prestigious Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) under (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) INSPIRE by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.
Many of our Delfites made a mark at National Level, Academically. In the Asset Test 2012 Navneel Mandal VIII was declared the All India Topper in Mathematics with a 100 percentile.
16 class VII Delfites qualified for the Talent Identification Program by Duke University, USA by being in the Top 5% of academically talented students in India with a percentile more than 95.
In the National Cyber Olympiad 5 Delfites received an AIR of 100 and below.

At the National Creativity Olympiad 6 Delfites made the school proud by securing AIR < 42. Each received a cash award of Rs. 1000/-

Over the last session we have found newer ways of implementing our School’s International policy and cultivating global connections to bring our students and teachers closer to their global peers….while making them worthier citizens of the world.
Be it connecting through video conferences, hosting international delegates, organizing global events or international visits.
One completely novel and exciting venture experimented this year is the Flat Stanley Project, international literacy and communication building programme, with many countries in Europe.
And I am proud to share with you yet another global recognition. This January our school has been conferred with the International School Award 2013, by the University of Cambridge, U.K., a recognition for our contribution to global education and introduction of International English Language systems.
Success at DLPS is not confined to a few student stars. There’s something for everyone here. Every Delfite is encouraged to embark on an inward journey, the journey to find their own inner rhythm and then march to this unique rhythm. The only competition we believe in, is competition with oneself-to better oneself through inner reflection and realize that each one of us is unique. The onus is on every Delfite to find his / her own niche through the immense exposure that is provided.
And sure enough , this year we have a much longer list of achievers in a much larger number of domains.

Our dance team was awarded by the Governor, Himachal Pradesh, for winning 1st position at the International Women Folk Dance Competition, in Shimla last October. 2500 young female dancers from 6 Asian Countries contested for this Award. Look forward to some of these girls performance today.

Delfite Suryansh Tyagi who is presently only 14 years of age and in class IX has been selected in the Delhi State U-16 Cricket Team.
You’ve bowled us over Suryansh!

Our singers made a clean sweep at the Anuvrat Natik Geet Gyan Singing Competition 1st prize in all 4 categories both Junior and Senior category Group and Solo singing at State Level.
In the Nationals, held in November Our Delfites won the 2nd price of Rs. 11,000/- in Junior Group song and in Junior Solo 2nd prize of Rs. 5000/- . And 3rd prize both in Senior Solo and Group Song (Senior).

Last August also saw our singers winning 1st position both in Hindi Group song and Sanskrit group song competition organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad at District Level.
And 2nd prize in Sanskrit Group Song at State Level.

Our skaters, our swimmers, our sportsmen have all made us proud in the year gone by. DLPS has had a very close association with Yoga having won the Yoga World Cup for India for 5 years as also the South Asia Yoga Championship. …Yesterday, our students participated in the 37th National Yoga Championship held in Hoshiarpur, Punjab Delfite Khushboo Pandey of Class X who has been selected for International Yoga Championship to be held in Paris later this year. Congratulations Khushboo….Keep it up! Our Delfites have lifted numerous Interschool Championship Trophies this year. I am proud of them all and invite you to read about each one of our success stories in the new Annual Report that you will receive.

Every Saturday in the last session has been an ‘Empowerment Saturday’ for some section of our Teaching Fraternity or other. And our efforts at Continuous Professional Development have resulted in our teachers serving as a resource for the CBSE and other schools as well.
Four of our teachers were among the top 75 teachers in the country out of 2000 applicants who were nominated as finalists for the Pearson Teaching Awards.
We were the only school across India to have more than one nomination from a single school.

I’ve been entrusted with readying this organization for the future. I believe in the power of vision to harness energy, unite thoughts and steer direction. As I apply it to the privilege of leading a learning community, it has enabled a visible and tangible creative renaissance within our school system.
Despite the quiet fulfilment that the journey so far has been worthwhile, I realize that there are many more milestones to cross. I view the changes and challenges in education as opportunities and feel blessed to be involved with this transition.
I know for certain that I can draw upon the collective efforts of all the members of the DLPS Family – our wonderful management, parents, teachers and staff to share my optimism and partner with me in this transformation.
Thank you for allowing me to share our success stories with you and thank you for being here and for everything that you do for our wonderful school.
Have a great year ahead.

Seema Jerath


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