Message from Director’s Desk

ed_maam_jul I am glad to see that DLPS has completed seventeen years of its existence and has been growing not only in terms of infrastructure, but also-and more importantly- as a’ Thinking School’; shaping perfectly in consonance with the visions of our great patriarch Late Shri Darbari Lal ji, who had envisioned  to create a ‘School with a soul’.

At DLPS , learning is simply, not limited to a monotonous affair, but a sequence of constructive and joyful activities. A place, where a child is not a passive learner but is provided opportunities to create, compete, care , emote, value, and believe in himself.

I would also like to share that Darbari Lal Foundation has ventured into creating a yet another school, The DLWS World School, Greater  Noida, which has been shaped on the same maxims and precepts. The new session of DLF World School will begin from April 2013.

I also congratulate the entire DLPS family on the new addition to the school—The Darbari Lal Auditorium. It was inaugurated by the CBSE Chairman, Shree Vineet Joshi on our Annual Award Conferral Ceremony on Feb 15.

It gives me deep satisfaction to envisage that this auditorium will be able to provide a flourishing stage to the scholastic and co-scholastic dispositions of our Delfites. We also see it as a platform for the coming together of our DLPS family and sincerely hope that it will go a long way in shaping the holistic persona of our Delfites.

I have good news to share. Our Business Enterprise project, titled as ‘DLPS Craft Hut’, undertaken by class XI commerce Delfites, has recently won the International School Enterprise Challenge 2012. Delfites have been acknowledged as the overall global winners out of 800 participating schools from 40 countries and received a cash prize of $5000. My hearty congratulations to the entre team of students and teachers who put their heart and soul to make it to the top!

The awakening of school education to the importance and to the dire need of Value Education, has swept the country in the recent past. Long before the revival of the drive,  on the need of instilling Values in children, our school team had been working in our own quiet way, infusing good values in our children through encouraging initiatives like Goodwill Piggy Bank and awarding  Smileys for every good value a child displays.

At DLPS, we see education as a means of hope and peace; Meditation, being an important pillar of the same. Over the years, we have realized that Meditation has proved to be a crucial component in creating an emotionally intelligent environment in our school. It has helped Delfites reduce aggression; enhance concentration, foster patience, sensitivity and emotional stability. I wish to relate my experience of sharing ‘Meditation’ as a model of Value Education in our school at the WCCI Conference held recently in Taiwan. I was amazed to have been approached by many educationists from various countries to learn and imbibe ‘Guided Meditation’ in their respective schools.

In the same context, we are happy to be welcoming  CBSE’s ‘Values for Education’ drive in our school, and sincerely hope that it will add significantly to our end objectives of preparing caring, concerned, and courageous citizens and better human beings. Our highly proactive and enterprising Principal Ms. Seema Jerath and five Delfite teachers have been appointed as Master Trainers by CBSE for this new Value Education Programme.

We are also happy to share that our teachers are increasingly sharing responsibility and are being involved by CBSE in the projects and assignments related to CBSE-i.

We have been constantly transforming ourselves into a progressive school of thoughts that has the capacity to re-visit its learning framework; revitalize the elements that work and do away those do not. Our pace with the rapid evolutions is always on our minds, and our endeavours to humanize our classrooms; at our hearts.

And that’s how; although we call our DLPS an effective 21st century organizational environment, at heart it is still remains a soul that feels for every member of its family.

Dr. Mrignaini Khullar

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