Managing The Self (Discipline)

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Managing The Self (Discipline)

The school follows an iron hand in a velvet glove policy for disciplining students. The school has implemented positive disciplining techniques very successfully and students are awarded doing good things rather than merely being punished for misdemeanors. Every Class maintains an Anecdotal Record of all students in the class where the teachers mention the good behaviour as well as the concerns. Each problem area is followed by the Suggestive measure that the teacher has undertaken to overcome the problem. Students who break the rules are dealt with strictly but only after explaining to them cordially how their behaviour can be unfair to others. Students are engaged in some constructive school activities rather than harsh punishments, e.g. – making them help in the set up of books in the School Library.

Thus, with the healthy discipline policy in the school, made in consultation with students we are able to maintain discipline in the school.

“Leaders are not born; rather they are made”.

The school identifies the strengths of every student and connects them with their prime areas of comfort and expertise; thereby making them leaders in their chosen domain. Amongst plethora of activities, students are trained for leadership step by step. It begins from becoming Class Representatives where they learn shouldering simpler, smaller representatives like maintenance of Class Bulletin Boards, News Corner and Incentive Chart, etc. They exert all efforts to keep the classroom neat and tidy. They are assisted by the ‘Group on Duty’ in the class. These Class Reps represent their classes during a meeting called by the Head Boy or Head Girl.

There is a House System in the school in which all students are divided into four houses – Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus. Each house is headed by the House Captain and select teachers. Other office bearers of each house are: House Vice-captain, House Cultural Captain, House Literary Captain, House Science & Environment Captain, House Aesthetic Captain and House Sports Captain. These positions are normally filled by senior students of class X to XII. Furthermore there are 8 Prefects in each house, normally selected from classes VII to IX.

Duties to these students are allocated on the basis of the positions which they occupy and in no way are their studies affected adversely. Keeping in view various Inter House competitions scattered throughout the academic year, students with competitive edge and Winn ability factor are chosen after due screening process like audition and previous track record in a particular activity. All earnest endeavors are made that each child should participate in one activity or the other. The House office bearers shoulder this responsibility of the flawless progress of all Inter House events. All office bearers of 4 houses are members of school prefectural board.

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