Farewell Class XII D

As i leave DLPS i take with me a bag full of sweet memories which i would cherish throughout……My journey in DLPS was the best part of my life….
As i leave DLPS i will take back with me, the "values of life" that i have learned and gained while studying in the school which has made me a person who would always try and work for others rather than concentrating on what i need
As I leave DLPS,i have many feelings to express with…but i dont know what are my feelings….the kind of education imparted,will be in remiscence…Teachers here not only teach but give us new qualities everyday,i learnt lot many things everyday…..which i assure it will be in my mind in my everyday life…
As i leave DLPS i take back memories of droning lectures,the fun in the classroom,mischief and pranks,companionship of friends and excellent teachers. Also,DLPS has provided us with a remarkable football ground to develop skills because a school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall
As I leave DLPS i take back with me all the cherishable moments as a requiem..a broad vision of the world outside,the generosity of my teachers and all my childhood memories..sharing of tiffins,quarrels over not helping out in exams,begging for money all around the corridors,punishment by teachers etc..
As I leave DLPS I take back with me…………….treasure of memories that will forever remain with me. Memories that will cast a smile on my face, memories that will bring me intense happiness. I take back with me the supportive and enlightening lectures of Rekha mam, the echo of spine chilling roar of Papri mam and all the fruitful learning from all the teachers the school has given me I who was a child once take back with me a personality.
many things are to be remembered some, one can never be forgot handful are to be cherished i take back with me all the moments that will cherish those that i wont ever forget the bad and the good and remember all that i can …… as i move on from DLPS …
As I Leave DLPS I take back with me" the golden and everlasting memories of my friends, the knowledge I gained from teachers and the love and care that made me up into a human bieng. It showed me a way in dark and unknown future. !! :) :)
As i leave DLPS i take back with me immense love of all teachers..a relationship that i will cherish my whole life..developing a personality with an all round touch to it my life here was furnished with musical notes and all my little pranks with my friends..
As I leave DLPS …. I take a lot of friends with me.. I take all the values taught by my teachers.. and most important of all, I take knowledge with myself.
As I leave DLPS, I am taking with me the sweet memories of my school life which I will cherish through out my life. These memories will never evaporate and will give a nostalgic feeling whenever we sit and turn back to remember our friends and teachers. I wish to pay my wholehearted respect to my teachers who have contributed selflessly to make us a better human being, in terms of knowledge and social values.

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