Farewell Class XII A

Manuj Varshney
I take with me memories of my school where I grew up from a lad to a  young man ready to meet the challenges of the world
Yashwin Vadhera
Memories of recess and library. The ever inspiring ambience of learning.
Jatin Jain
I will miss my friends and playing pranks with them. DLPS, the place where I learnt to value the valued essential of life.
T.K Dharmarajan
I will miss all the priceless moments spent with friends during class and competitions. Not to forget those arm-wrestling sessions.
Shrey Jain
My school has taught me to accept both  and shine and balance to move forward to improve myself.
Anisha Jain
Good friends and great  learning experience. Every day a new day at DLPS.
Sarthak Bhaduri
My childhood and half my life spent here. DLPS was like my second home. Lots of pleasant memories with friends and teachers.
Riddhima Sharma
Experience of leading a team. I became aware of my hidden abilities through the exposure and opportunities I got in my school-DLPS
Harshit Gupta
"Good friends and good memories"
Raunak Sood
My first goal in football. The moments I spent with my friends and the football ground where I loved to unwind.
Nandita Sood
I will miss the time spent with my friends and the lovely happenings going around the school.
Talat Razia
As I leave DLPS, I take with me loads of good memories, experiences I got the opportunity to explore my artistic talents in the guidance and the atmosphere provided in my school. Lessons of teamwork, friendship and hardwork too.
Atul Dureja
I take with me beautiful memories amazing games and long lasting friendships.
Anjali Vijay
As I leave DLPS I take with me courage confidence and friends whom I trust and rely on.
Roshni Jadon
As I leave DLPS I take with me blessings of my teachers and the passion to achieve my goals
Ayushi Aggarwal
I take away with me loads of memories that have created a special place in my heart and gained experience of dealing with people of different nature.
Vaishali Blaggan
I take away loads of cherished memories which I had with my friends and teachers
Gurneet Kaur
I take away along with me memories of childhood spent in my school where I grew up to become a plant from asapling which provides shade and peace to others with the blessings of my DLPS family and my parents
Saksham Jhulka
As I leave DLPS I take with me the good times I spent here.
Rishi Mittal
I take with me memories of all the years I spent in the school. I’ll ever cherish, all these lovely memories
Devansh Choudhary
as I leave DLPS I take with me the support of people when I could hold on to, memories to cherish, lessons to help me through life. I take a new and stronger me
Vipul Raghuvancy
I take with me memories that will stay throughout my life. I take with me a changed myself.
Aparajita Singh
I take with me memories of my DLPS family and also their blessings
Kartikey Munshi
I take with me the nostalgia of my childhood days I spent in the school and how it transformed me as a gentleman as I step out of its gates.
Arjun Kaul
As I leave DLPS, I take with me memories of my  teachers when I would run after the football & my teachers after me.
Harsh Khanna
As I leave DLPS I take with me a wonder –" As if my own mother in DLPS was not enough for me, my school had been generous to provide six mothers to be after me". But for my one pair of ears & twelve hands to pull them . East to West – yet my school is the Best

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