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March, 2013
DLPS welcomes Delegates from UK under UKERIE Exchange Program
March, 2013

Educating for Peace and Harmony

Educating for Peace and Harmony“Teaching Meditation to the World!”

Dr. Mrignaini (School Executive Director) and Dr. Rakesh Khullar shared their research paper on –Raising emotional and spiritual quotient through Yoga and Meditation’ at the 15th WCCI (World Council for Curriculum and Instructions) World Conference at Kaohsiung, Taiwan from Dec 28- Jan 03, 2013; as they believe that Yoga and Meditation are crucial components in preparing students for a complete life ahead; helping reduce aggression, enhance concentration, grow patience, sensitivity and emotional stability in students. Educationists from Philippines, Cava, USA, Taiwan were greatly convinced with the presentation and were keen to learn this technique i.e Guided Meditation and imbibe this wonderful model of values education at their respective schools. Through this cross cultural collaboration on the theme ‘Educating for Peace & Harmony with the Earth and Ourselves’ the educationists re-addressed to the world the significant role of education as a means of hope and peace.
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