DLPS Kindergarten

Every Child is a star and each deserves to twinkle

The Unique features of the Delfite Kindergarten are

Play Station

A new Play-Station for the Pre-Primary and Primary classes meant to engage children in physical activities is the hot favourite even after the school hours. It comprises colourful and vibrant swings that add richness to the school environment. They also serve as a means towards physical development of the little ones.

Dining Hall

It is a specially designed room that can comfortably seat up to 100 diners at a time. The underlined concept is that new food gets accepted better when taken in a group. It is where the children get an opportunity to learn the etiquettes and table manners. Pre-Primary classes are provided with a mid day meal and we also introduce new seasonal fruits and vegetables to Delfites. Regular Fine-Dining classes are held to inculcate the social grace of fine dining amongst the little kids.

Smartboard Equipped Classrooms

All the classes are equipped with smartboards towards making learning fun and comprehensive. Exposing children to technology at the early stage helps students equip with ICT tools effectively.

Activity Room

A colourful carpeted activity room has been created for the Pre-Primary and Primary classes. It is stocked with educational play material, a puppet theatre and a 60” plasma screen making learning fun. It is also equipped with a Smart Board to facilitate learning of 21st century knowledge society.

Multimedia Room

Pre-Nursery onwards Delfites work on computers on a 1:2 sharing basis in this updated fully air-conditioned room with 24X7 internet facility. Here every student paces out his learning process. This type of teaching offers many advantages over conventional teaching.

A.V. Room

One of the Five IT-enabled fully air-conditioned learning rooms, equipped with the latest technology like- Smart Boards and Projector to facilitate learning providing a new dimension to the teaching-learning process. It is productively used by students and teachers alike.

Birthday Celebration

Large it may be, but DLPS family ensures that no child’s birthday is forgotten. On that wonderful day, the enthralling Birthday party complimented with music and fun adds to the pleasure and joy of the little ones. They also receive the much awaited B’day Gifts. It also builds up the spirit of togetherness and sharing in the little kids.

Recognition Day

A distinctively unique initiative of the school that firmly believes- Every Child is Special, and the same is acknowledged during the Recognition Day. Each child from Pre-Primary and Primary classes is celebrated for his/her special qualities and awarded for the same. The little ones also conjure -up to showcase an extravaganza with a unique theme every year.


It is a unique incentive scheme of the school that provides motivation and positive reinforcement to the students to excel their own efforts. At DLPS, we endeavour to award each child not only for academics, but also for his/her each little effort made during the course of teaching-learning process. The Delfites earning more than 25 smilies during a term are acknowledged. This keeps Delfites positively engaged and leads to a good behavior on their part.

Class Library

This is a special feature in every classroom. Every child contributes one good book to the Class Library at the beginning of the session. The teacher issues the books to the children every week to enhance their reading skills. This also leads to the development of reading habits among them.

Colorful Classrooms

To do away the monotony of the class names and make them exciting, they are based on the names of flowers – Lotus, Lily, Rose, Tulip, Daisy and Pansy, that provides a vibrant and friendly environment to the tiny tots being nurtured there. Also, the teachers do make sure that the colourful boards of the classrooms depict the festivals, days and concepts so taught to provide a more stimulating learning environment to the little ones.

Clay Modelling

Is done in a Clay Modeling Mud-hut for exercising the finer muscles of the kids. The children wear Papa’s old shirts, give vent to their imagination and make different things out of clay. The session is thoroughly enjoyed by the little ones and they learn making various things under the expert guidance.


Done for balancing on skates. It polishes their balancing skill and they are taken to the skating Rink for the same.

Festival Celebration

All festivals are celebrated together by the Delfites so as to inculcate an understanding the rich diversity of Indian Culture as well as to encourage and appreciate each other’s religion. Along with the festivals, Delfites learn and celebrate all the important international days like- World Earth Day/Hour, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, World Smile Day, World Dance day , Shakespeare Day, World Environment Day and more. The Kindergarten also goes colorful and vibrant on various Days like- Blue/Yellow/Red Color days through a gamut of activities designed to render a better connectivity of the children with the rich spectrum of colors.

Excursions and Educational Tours

Conducted to develop hands on knowledge as well as learning that transcends the boundaries of classrooms. Each Excursion/visit is executed in three phases- Pre-Visit phase: Children are shown a presentation based on the place to be visited and are asked to explore more about the place, On-Visit phase: Children are motivated to explore and learn, Post-Visit phase: The visit is followed by assignments/worksheets to record the learning and to strengthen their comprehension.

Movie Time

Tiny – tots are taken to the highly sophisticated air-conditioned IT-enabled rooms where they are shown the movies of their interest.

Planting of a Sapling

DLPS truly believes- Every Day is Earth Day and aspires to inculcate the same in little Delfites. They bring the saplings and plant them up themselves in the school garden, giving birth to an eternal bond with nature. It also acquaints the children with the wonders of growing a plant and creates environment awareness.


It is a facility that is provided to the students and the parents to stay updated with the happenings in the school and all relevant information.

Online Resources

Through the school website, the school attempts to provide students with ample online resources. Various colourful online modules related to classroom learning are available which strengthen their comprehension. Also, all the activities happening across the day are captured with pictures online to provide parents with a sneak peek into their child’s class performance.

Educational Play Material

There are more than 450 Activity Kits. ONE per FOUR children. Following educational material is also integrated with the curriculum:

  • PEC Cards – They are the joint venture of CBSE and the British Broadcasting Corporation of India aimed towards integrating physical education with academics. ECM (Every Child Matters) sessions are a regular part of the school curriculum under this context.
  • A Puppet Theater – Students’ own Puppet Theatre where they enjoy various puppet Shows conducted by experts as well as their teachers.
  • Educational Softwares – There are various educational softwares available for making learning interesting.
  • Educational CDs – Educational CDs like BBC Muzzy, Treasure Attic and more are available for the teachers as well as the students to facilitate fun-oriented constructive learning. It also stocks educational CDs for Listening Skills, Movie-CDs for the Kids, and educational play material and other software.

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