DLPS Breaks the Generation Old Taboo of Sex Education

DLPS Breaks the Generation Old Taboo of Sex Education

Conducts a Workshop on ‘HANDLING SEXUALITY AND DEVELOPING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE” for its Teacher Fraternity


Taking a serious stock of the present need of empowering our youth to equip them to protect themselves, as well as be vigilant at all times and understand the nuances related to their tender age and sexuality, DLPS, Sahibabad organized ‘Train the Trainers’ programme for its teacher fraternity through a series of workshops by Mrs. Gagandeep kaur, the Clinical Psychologist from the Unique Psychological Services. The eye opening workshops on ‘Handling Sexuality and Developing the Right Attitude” held in the month of April made the teachers aware of the biological as well psychological facets of the growth process of the children and equipped them with appropriate vocabulary to initiate the seemingly uncomfortable topics of discussion freely with the children . The objective was to empower every teacher of the school to be able to identify such issues and concerns of students, which are otherwise ignored at times, and take necessary actions. The teachers said they also learnt to attend to all the students’ responses pertaining to sex very carefully, not ignoring them at all, and study the child behaviour closely to identify any probable issues pertaining to sexual abuse or others.

The school plans to conduct sex education workshops in every class through the Mother Teachers who will be providing the required and relevant education to their students, which is the demand of the 21st century education system. “With this progressive initiative, we have tried to break the generation old taboo of including sex education in schools. We believe that these open discussions will make our students more aware, more vigilant, more protected, more healthy and grow with the right attitude”, says the School Principal Mrs. Seema Jerath.

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