Creating Original Thinkers, Questioners and Innovators

We realize that our learners live in the world of wonderment; a sense of wonderment centred around questions on ‘How, when, why and what’ about everything and anything they see. This sense of wonderment is what keeps them young and helps them grow as thinking individuals.
To enable Delfites to think, to question the existing, to analyse situations critically, and above all, to sustain their originality, the school launched a continuum of interesting child-centric unique school programmes that widened their thinking aptitude.

HOTS through THOTS

There is a sustained effort in the school to equip students right from primary classes with Higher Order Thinking Skills and Life Skills; and that’s exactly what Delfites gain through the new THOTS Lab in the school. While Delfites enjoy playing a mind game through thinking tools, they don’t even realize that they are acquiring the four fundamentals of thinking: Skills, Concepts, Processes and Models.

Delfites play Single Player, Dual Player and Multi-Player games that challenge their thinking and problem solving aptitudes. No doubt, for many Delfites, it is one of their favourite periods. One can feel the stimulating and interactive environment that so deeply engages each Delfite; enhancing each child’s self-thinking process – Critical, Lateral and Creative. To add to the joy of learning, The Thinkology Class enhances the ‘Thinkabulary’ of students.

Transforming our ‘Classrooms’ into ‘Think Rooms’

Classrooms in our school are being transformed into ‘Think Rooms’. ‘Think Zones’ have been created within every classroom space with ‘Think lines’ that stimulate Delfites to think and respond. The programme also enhances the questioning skills of Delfites. Delfites of classes I- III work on Project Based Learning (PBL) assignments and are acquiring the 4 key 21st century skills- communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. Considering the fact that thinking and inspiration are the two-lynchpin ideas behind any successful project implementation,

THINKSPIRATION statements are designed for each class.

Thinkline: The sun and water are always there around us. Then why doesn’t it rain all the time?

Multiple Responses by Delfites of Class III:

  • I think it has a shower that needs to be on & off.- Anushka De
  • It rains when Lord Shiva is angry.- Tarini Kudesia
  • It rains when two clouds clash. – Ananya Sinha
  • The water cycle takes time to complete the process of raining. –Lakshya Bhatt

The think line in class II says-

  • What do you think is beyond the skies?
  • Stars, God, a Black hole, dwarf planets, other people like us.

Think Wizard of the Week

An initiative by Dr. Rakesh Khullar (Chairman, DLPS) that had huge response from Delfites the very day it was launched online on the school website is the ‘Think Wizard of the Week’. Under this newly launched programme, a thinking e-puzzle is released on the school website every Saturday. Delfites don their thinking caps and submit their responses online. Delfite submitting the earliest correct response becomes the Think Wizard of the Week and gets featured on the school website. The objectives of the initiative stand very clear: Enjoy applying your High Order Thinking Skills! “Besides its obvious learning objectives, this programme helps me connect with my Delfites”, says Dr. Khullar.

A Question a Day Programme (AQAD)

Another successfully running school programme is AQAD, which measures conceptually how well a child has understood the concepts in English, Science and Mathematics and Social Sciences. It aims at developing thinking skills of Delfites enabling them on ‘how to think’ as all the questions are HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions We congratulate Delfite Disha Musib, V D for being The AQAD Winner of the Year.

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