Class Layout and Interaction

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Class Layout and Interaction

Class Layout

As per the school policy, the school strength has been fixed to 2500 in order to maintain quality over quantity that celebrates the school’s child centric approach. So, average class size is as below:

Class Teacher Pupil Ratio

Pre-Primary- KG – 1:23

Classes I-V- 1:32

Classes VI-X- 1:32

Classes XI-XII- 1:35

The school follows a conference/group seating arrangement for Pre primary classes to class III. Teachers are guided on adapting the class layout as per needs of learners and activities.The school follows a pair seating arrangement for classes IV-XII. As per school policy, teachers need to adapt Class layout as per students’ needs and activities. The Department Coordinator inducts the teachers on ways of adapting class layout.

All the classrooms up to KG are proposed to be air conditioned in the coming year. All classrooms up to class V are equipped with smart boards and audio/visual aids. For classes VI and above, there are digital equipped rooms that are used by the teachers and students as per needs/requirements.All classrooms are adequately ventilated. Classrooms are equipped with adequate classroom management resources.

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