Advantage Health

Creating and maintaining a healthy environment is a priority at DLPS.

Whether it is fumigation of the premises every week, chlorine cleansing of the water in the swimming pool, and spraying of DDT and pesticides… or ensuring germ-free soap-equipped washrooms, installing reverse osmosis filtration systems for drinking water, and appointing dedicated quality & cleanliness control personnel in the cafeteria, DLPS approaches health on the school campus with genuine concern.

There is an accompanying thrust on medical care at DLPS. Staffed by a full-time nurse, the school clinic is equipped with oxygen cylinders and nebulizers. An emergency medical van is standing by during school hours. Regular health check-ups are conducted twice a year for all students — by a panel of doctors that includes a physician, a dentist, an ophthalmologist and a pediatrician — and each child’s medical record is maintained online.

Students also attend first aid workshops for health emergencies, fire and disaster management drills, and awareness programmes on diseases & disorders.

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