a International exchange 2015 – 16

International Exchange Programme 2015 - 2016

UK India Generation Programme 2015.

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  • Ms. Flossy McAslan and Ms. Zoe Green, UK worked with our school as English Language teachers under the British Council Generation UK-India program from July -September, 2015. These teachers actually brought in a transformation in the school’s English classrooms. Their presence and engagement was accepted in high spirit by school students who got an opportunity to better their English language skills, especially their accent and pronunciation by learning and interacting first hand with these English teachers for a period of two months.

Delfites Strengthen the Indo-Russian Wheel of Friendship Re-visit Russia

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  • Indo – Russian Wheel of FriendhipContinuing its warm Indo-Russian wheel of friendship started last year with two student exchanges with Russia, this year again, a group of Delfites of classes IX-X along with Ms Gunjan Gupta were warmly hosted by their Russian buddies in May, 2015 over a period of 15 days. Through this yet another international exchange programme, students were engaged in experiential learning about the culture and educational system of Russia.

Exploring German Education System

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  • Principal Seema  Jerath was invited by the Goethe Institute  to have  a study towards of schools in Germany in November 2014. She studied the educational pedagogy of German schools & is now working towards applying the best ones to the school. In August, 2015 our German Teacher MS. Heena Mehta  was selected by Max Mueller from India to attend the Unterrichtshospitation und Meethodik – Didaktik DAF Ai – B2 at Baden – Wurttemberg. Germany

International Bilateral Exchange Programme with Mearns Primary School, Scotland, UK.

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      • Continuing its 5 year long international partnership, teachers from Mearns Primary School, Scotland; Head Teacher Ms Catherine Dillon, and Mr John Rodgers engaged with Delfites in Sep 12, 2015. It was a weeklong bilateral exchange programme under the British Council Connecting Classrooms Project where these teachers experienced the teaching learning pedagogy of the school by being part of the activities happening around its classrooms and kindergarten, morning assemblies, clubs and sports.These teachers interacted with Delfites on Cardboard Challenge, the exchange project mutually undertaken by both partner schools where students of grade 6 in both schools learnt to re-use cardboards and transform them into innovative games, artefacts and products.The partnership continued with Ms Duhita Parmar, Science teacher and Ms Anjali Mittal, English teacher from our School visiting Mearns Primary School, Scotland in October 2015 to continue the exchange projects in the coming session.

Year Long Bilateral Student Exchange Programme with Italy

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  • The school also has an Indo-Italian collaborative exchange going on under AFS India. Under this programme, the school hosted an Italian student this year, known to the DLF family as, Italian Delfite Pietro Fiocco. Pietro studied in grade XI with our Delfites. Also, Delfite Gul Mehra has been pursuing grade XI in Italy since October 2015 under this yearlong study programme.

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